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For easy payout of coiled high-tensile fence wire; Holds up to 4,000' of high-tensile wire; Adjusts to fit 17"-24" ID of wire coil; Rubber friction brake reduces freewheeling

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High-tensile wire fence is an effective barrier for controlling and protecting livestock. Some advantages of this type of fence include ease of handling, minimal maintenance, and high strength.

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Stay-Tuff offers a variety of tools and accessories for fence bracing. In-line strainers, high tensile wire cutters and brace pins.

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If you have built other types of fence (barbed or woven) then you will most likely enjoy the ease in which you can put up a high-tensile (HT) electric fence.

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The right tool for any job is the key in doing the job efficiently and professionally. There are specific tools needed to build high tensile fencing such as a spinning jenny to unroll the wire, a crimping tool to join wire.....

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A drunk driver plows into a fence at high speed. When he comes to, he can't understand how he and the car are inside a farmer's fenced field. The fence is intact until police investigators cut the wire to remove the car.

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Have tangled, unmanageable wire that's difficult to install on your fences? The Zareba Spinning Jenny Fence Wire De-Reeler makes payout of coiled high tensile fence wire easy.

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We mentioned a tool called a spinning jenny a few times while describing our fence building process. This is a rotating carriage that holds a roll of high tensile smooth wire so it can be pulled off in a controlled manner.

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Item Description Specifications Manuals Video Reviews. Revolutionary hardware provides the easiest Flex Fence® installation on the market. Constructed of a class-3 12.5-gauge high-tensile wire.

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Expert Tips POST TIPS. Posts for High Tensile Fencing. Because the distance between posts in a high tensile system can be 30'–90', and the wire is under tension, wood posts are recommended.