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Different areas of law have their own sets legal processes that require special expertise from different types of lawyers. To give you an idea about the different ...

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Check out this list of the different fields of law so you can pick the right law school electives. Check out this list of popular law ... Types of Law Degrees and ...

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Law Careers Advising; Fields of Law; ... it is a good idea to learn about the various types of law ... (or advocate) are separated more clearly into different ...

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Prosecutors at different levels of government prosecute different types of crimes. U.S. attorneys At the federal level, prosecutors are known as U.S. attorne

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Find different types of law degrees, school information and legal degree programs. Learn more about the kinds of law to practice.

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Fields of Law. Civil Rights. Many ... Both types of criminal lawyers deal with ... The practice of health law encompasses many different disciplines. Lawyers in this ...

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Many Possibilities. The American Bar Association has specialty groups for 21 different types of law practice. These include related areas, such as antitrust, business, labor and employment law.

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There are three main types of criminal lawyers: prosecutors, public defense attorneys and private defense attorneys. ... What are the Different Kinds of Lawyers?

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In addition to working in different industries, lawyers may specialize in particular legal fields. Following are examples of types of lawyers in these fields:

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There are many laws and areas of law, and each one has nuances that require an expert in that area. This means that there are also a lot of different types of lawyers.

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View in-depth information on the different types of lawyers and attorneys as well as a comprehensive career description.

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What are the different types of lawyers and their salaries? Have you ever tried to find out? Here's an article on different types of lawyers and what they do. Read on...

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can some one get me a list? I plan on being a lawyer but I just wanna research the different kinds 200 points: kitty kat

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Three types of law degrees prepare individuals for work as a lawyer. ... Because there are many different concentrations within LL.M. programs, curricula will differ.

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Law schools encourage you to explore the many fields and ... Fields of Law. ... The skills you'll learn in law school can open doors to many different types of ...

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Types of Law : Other Resources • Pre-Law Undergraduate Schools • Accredited Law Schools • Lawyer Careers; Learn about thedifferent types of law below.

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There are many kinds of lawyers who study many types of law. ... Legal Specialization: Types of Law ... An Overview of the Different Types of Crimes.

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Many people are unsure about the different types of lawyers. This article summarizes 18 of the most common types of lawyers and explains their practices.

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There are many different types of law, but they're typically grouped into public law and private law. The main types of public law...

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If you've been looking around trying to find a lawyer to help you solve your specific legal problem, you've probably realized by now there are many different types of lawyers.